"Feeling the formless, tapping the infinite — that's where the joy is."

                         -Trea Christopher Grey-

As a self taught painter, the spirit that guides and propels my work begins in unconstrained play.
In the transparency of water, rich and vivid colors flow. In the beginning there is a splash, a spill, an impulsive spray that draws me in. I respond to the unfolding mystery, following the new and surprising worlds that spontaneously take form. 

I look for dimensionality in relationships. Free flowing lines and organic shapes emerge—there is no such thing in my paintings (or in my life) as rigid boundaries. With spirited movement, the senses are heightened and freed from habitual ways of seeing. Perspective and distance become subjective and the imagination is lifted into an infinite space, exploring who we are now and who we can become. 


My art is not contained by traditional color relationships. As a red/green colorblind artist, color is not pursued in a traditional or logical way. Color simply rings true, intuitively. Color relationships are felt more than seen. The hue of a color has less influence on me than its emotional content.  


Is the color warm or cool? 

Does it have the qualities of earth? 

Does it feel of fire or is it filled in light?  

Is it verdant or is it stone? 

Does the color dance or does it rest? 


In making color choices I rely upon a mood or vision that expresses itself clearly in the moment. I listen and feel deeply for beauty that comes through the heart until all doubt falls away. In shaping poetry and questions, I look to expand our notion of what is possible.


I see my life and this art as a process for unfolding grace. Through the creative process, my free child awakens and wisdom is engaged. It is in this sacred relationship—a relationship of wonder and innocence—where I draw my power to create. For over twenty years, the joy of expressing unity through painting has enabled me to both experience and share a profound and rewarding adventure.